How Kids First Works

Upon children's entry to foster care, WA State grants a voucher ($200) that is intended to meet the costs of children's basic, short-term needs (diapers, clothing and toiletries). This amount does not always meet children’s needs, and especially those of children who may be forced to wait 18 months (or longer) for permanency: either through successful reunifcations with families of origin, or through finalized adoptions.  

Kids First aims to fill the gaps for kids by engaging the entire community in helping children access normal childhood opportunities.

How it Works: When a child has a need or a hope to participate in an educational, vocational, or recreational opportunity, and child welfare funds run short, the child’s parents (birth, foster or relative), social worker or CASA submits a request for Kids First support.  

The Team collaborates with partners (individuals, parents & extended families, social workers, schools, merchants, public and private organizations, civic groups, faith communities) to pool resources.  Partnerships are built. Children are linked with opportunity! 

Requests for Kids First support might include help in meeting costs for: 

  • Diapers and pull ups.
  • Enrollment in gymnastics & tumbling clases. 
  • Laptops for school work. 
  • League fees, sports gear.    
  • Portable clothing closets.
  • Sibling outings to a museum, water park, Mariners Games or a Summer Fair.  
  • Specialized Glasses & Hearing Aids.
  • Summer Camping Adventures. 

Kids First Island County   PO Box 581 Clinton, Washington 98236   360.639.4966 or 888.969.4877
Kids First is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization Tax ID #27-1091517

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