Request Help for a Child in Need

Kids First is dedicated to fulfilling the unmet needs of children who are in foster care by building Partnerships that link children with educational, recreational and vocational opportunities. Requests for meeting these needs will be considered for every child who has an open case within Department of Children, Youth & Families (CPS/DCYF) and who is in Dependency status.

Kids First makes every effort to meet each child’s unmet needs through collaboration (with parents & extended families, social workers, schools, merchants, individuals, public and private organizations) to pool community resources.

Requests are received through children’s social workers, caregivers and VGAL’s by completing the form below and submitting to Kids First via email or regular mail (address at bottom of form). Upon receipt Kids First will immediately start the process of verification, approval and obtaining resources to support the request. All information is confidential.

Kids First will:

  • Contact person submitting request immediately upon receipt to ensure Kids First has all information needed to obtain resources and collaboration.
  • Contact Social Worker to obtain required approval of request. Social Worker will be requested to indicate discretionary funds used and/or available. Department’s discretionary funds must be used prior to other community resources.
  • Contact Caregiver (if different from person submitting form) to ensure caregiver is in agreement with request.


Complete the form below and submit or Download Request Form here and mail to:
Kids First, PO Box 581, Clinton, WA 98236  OR submit by email at:

Contact Kids First Team at 1.888.969.4877

****We are experiencing challenges with the form below being properly forwarded to us.  Please call the number above or email with your request.

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Reimbursement cannot be made without Kids First approval prior to expenditures.